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Fonts, Symbols, MyLines
Custom fonts $2.50

Don't be boring! Give your name and address some flair with one of our custom fonts.

  • Standard Font Free
  • Artisan Font Option
  • Calligraphy Font Option
  • Contempo Font Option
  • Script Font Option
  • Windsor Font Option
Custom Fonts Preview
Script custom font. Shown on Pastel Gardens check.

Symbols $2.50

Crazy about cats? Insane for sports? Choose a symbol that represents your obsession. Your symbol will print in the upper left corner of your check, right before your name.

Jesus Fish Symbol
Save the Earth & Environmental Symbol
Smiley & Happy Face Symbol
Eagle Symbol
Rose & Flowers Symbol
Antique Car Symbol
Baseball Player Symbol
Fishing & Bass Symbol
Dog Symbol
Salon & Hairdresser Symbol
Sewing Symbol
Carpentry & Tools Symbol
Diamond Symbol
Construction & Bulldozer Symbol
Forest & Trees Symbol
Paintbrush Symbol
Tow Truck Symbol
Butterfly Symbol
Hunting & Deer Symbol
Dog Symbol
Cat Lover Symbol
Make It Last - Conservation Symbol
Real Estate Symbol
Minnie Mouse Symbol
Goofy Symbol
Donald Duck Symbol
Bee Hive Symbol
Dragonfly Symbol
Betty Boop Symbol
Betty Boop - Lips Symbol
What the World Needs is Jesus Symbol
Firefighter Symbol
Heart Symbol
Beach & Palm Trees Symbol
Music Notes Symbol
Golf Symbol
Sailboat Symbol
Cow Symbol
Horse Symbol
Farm & Barnyard Symbol
House Symbol
Truck Symbol
Medical Services Symbol
Patriotic & American Flag Symbol
Sunglasses Symbol
World Symbol
Angel & Cherub Symbol
Motorcycle Symbol
Animals & Pawprint Symbol
Siamese Cats Symbol
Love One Another Symbol
Soccer Ball Symbol
Mickey Mouse Symbol
Pluto Symbol
Daisy Duck Symbol
Honey Pot Symbol
Bee Symbol
Lady Bug Symbol
Betty Boop - Pudgy Dog Symbol
Betty Boop - Heart Symbol

Symbols are not available on the following checks: All Smiles; Ballerinas; Betty Boop Charm; Bittersweet; Concrete Jungle; Contemporary Crosses; Disney Pooh and Friends; Disney Princess; Fire and Rescue; Good Dog; Halloween; Harmony; I Love Lucy; Liberty; Looney Tunes; Majestic Rose; Paramedic; Parchment; Sistas; Skullies; Summer Sweets; Sun & Moon; Thy Name; Vintage; Vintage Lucy

Custom Symbols Preview
Happy Face symbol. Shown on Confetti check.

Mylines message $2.50

Express yourself! Create a personal message that shows your personality. Your MyLines message will print above the signature line on your checks.

MyLines are printed to match the lettering style you choose for your checks. Styles Checks reserves the right to not print certain messages. MyLines are not available on Affirmations; Betty Boop Charm; Chevy Trucks; Corvette History; Disney Pooh and Friends; Disney Princess; Expressions of Love; Good Dog; Green Routine; I Love Lucy; Inspirations; Kiss it Goodbye; Vintage Lucy; Water Wise; Watercolor Farm

MyLines message
MyLines message. Shown on Mountain Reflections check.