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Special Lettering Styles

Special Lettering StylesSelect from 4 special lettering styles as shown. Block type is FREE. Special Lettering is
available on checks, labels, cards and address stamps.

Special Lettering Cost: $2.50

Monogram Placement GraphicMonograms or Symbols:

A symbol or monogram will appear in the upper left corner of your check
as shown in the example. You cannot select both a symbol and a monogram.

Symbol or Monogram Cost: $2.50

Over Signature Text:
Over signature text appears above the signature line on your checks as shown in the diagram. If the design of your check allows for it, you may enter up to 2 lines of over signature text to convey a personal message.

Over Signature Text Cost: $2.50

Over Signature Text Graphic
Over Signature Text Diagram


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