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Secure Online Ordering - Online Ordering Is Safe!

Giving out your checking account details and credit card number online is a decision you should make based on fact. So we thought you should know some facts about our company.

The Styles Check Company is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We provide the largest selection of check designs in the entire direct-to-consumer industry. Even more important than our impressive selection and quality, however, is our commitment to security. With over 75 years' experience in security printing, we implement stringent safeguards from the moment we receive your order until your products are in your hands.

To maintain the integrity of information you send to us online, we use Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL). SSL encrypts your order information in a manner that can be decoded only by The Styles Check Company. At the minimum, secure sockets use 40-bit encryption. This means the data you submit is scrambled in one of over 240 possible combinations-that's more than 1 TRILLION different ways. Only our company has the key to determine which combination is used and, therefore, can read the information you send online.

You can verify that you are accessing a secure server, both on Styles Checks' site and others, in a couple of ways. If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock in the lower left corner of your browser when you access the server, SSL is active. You can also check the URL line of your browser; when accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https."

Think of how often you have left the check on a restaurant's table. Many times your name, credit card number and expiration date are in plain view. When ordering Styles Checks online, however, you can order with confidence--knowing the information you transmit is seen only by our company.

If you have additional questions about check security, contact Styles at 1-866-449-8804, or e-mail us with your questions. Visit our FAQs c features incorporated into the check design.

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